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Developer: Locomotive Labs

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Kid in Story makes it easy and fun to create visual stories to support learning, social modeling, and early literacy with your student or child as the star character.

Kid in Story’s templates come to life when you place your child or student’s picture on every page. The 6 story templates cover a variety of practical and fanciful topics from promoting good hygiene by washing your hands, a playful exploration of emotions and facial expressions, to a fantasy visit to San Francisco! You can also write your own custom story or modify one of the templates as you see fit.

Children with Special Needs
Kid in Story was designed specifically to help children with special needs and their parents to create visual stories to support learning. We suspected (hoped) but never imagined classroom adoption of Kid in Story for the purposes of teaching writing and promoting early literacy. We are certainly happy with the prospect of engaging with this audience as we continue to update Kid in Story to fit their needs as well as our core customers that use KIS for visual narratives to support social modeling and ease transitions.

How Kid in Story Works
To personalize the stories, LocoMotive Labs’ unique Locolens™ image detection technology allows you to superimpose your child or student onto the template backgrounds – similar to “green screening.” Just snap a portrait (or use one already saved in your library), and let Locolens™ pluck your “kid” out of the picture and place him or her in the story. As the narrator, you can record your own voice or the child’s voice for each page. Once complete, children will enjoy reading their very own personalized visual story and sharing it with others via email or Dropbox.

-6 ready-made story templates included, with more coming soon
-Create custom stories with your own images, text, and narration
-One-of-a-kind technology makes it simple to superimpose your portraits over the visual narrative
-Share via email or Dropbox

6 Included Story Templates
“Faces I Make” is the perfect starter story. Your kiddo will practice posing with various expressions and really exercise those make-believe skills.

“What Will I See in San Francisco?” includes the famous steep streets, the Golden Gate Bridge, the baseball stadium, Chinatown, the zoo, and more. Prepare your child for an actual visit to San Francisco, or put them in the story as an imaginary trip!

“Are Monsters Hiding in My Room?” Know a kid who’s sometimes bothered by the thought that there may be monsters hiding somewhere in their bedroom? In this story that kiddo will be checking behind the door, in the closet, under the bed… but will find no monsters anywhere!

“At the Playground” walks us through all the fun to be had at the playground. Swings, monkey bars, climbing and slides are some of the highlights in this colorful story.

“When Is It Time to Wash My Hands?” is full of practical advice on when to wash your hands. Have you just come inside from playing? Are you about to eat? Just finished using the bathroom? Time to wash up!

“A Day at the Movies” Going to the movies is a lot of fun! We’ll get some popcorn, pick out just the right seats, watch some previews, and finally it’ll be time for the Big Movie!

Kid in Story is designed by LocoMotive Labs, an award-winning team of game designers and developers closely collaborating with parents, speech and language pathologists, and educators to design a visual story app that is inspired by children with autism and other special needs.

Kid in Story Tips

  • Our image detection photo feature works best when the child is in front of a white background
  • Watch the video to learn how to use our photo editing feature.
  • Here is a general demo of Kid in Story.

New Update Includes:

  • A haircutting template – one for boys and one for girls
  • Access to the community library (beta) so customers can search and download templates that are created by other users.

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Category: Social Stories
Updated: March 18, 2013
Version: 1.1.0
Language: English
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later

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Website: Locomotive Labs
Facebook Page: LocoMotive Labs
Twitter: @locomotivelabs
Pinterest: Locomotive Labs
You Tube: LocoMotive Labs
App: Kid in Story
Cost: US$6.99 (permanent price drop)
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