QLD Mums Checklist for a newly diagnosed Child on the Spectrum

QLD Mums Checklist

for a newly diagnosed

Child on the Spectrum

By Alison Cantwell Lyons

Register your child as a client of Autism Queensland

Register with Carers Queensland, and take advantage of their new CARE Program for just $10 allowing you great discounts all year.

If your child is under the age of 6yrs you would be eligible for the HCWA Helping Children With Autism package

Talk to a Social Worker from Centrelink to see what financial entitlements you might be eligible for.  They also have a Carers Adjustment Payment available for people who receive the carers payment and their child is under 7yrs

Apply for a Carer Business Discount Card

Contact Disability Services and request support

If your child is a danger to themselves around cars/car parks and has ADD/ADHD you could apply for a Red Permit

– Red Permit has recently been revised.  Each individual should contact Red Permit as each situation differs.

You might be eligible for MASS Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme

You might be eligible for HACC Home & Community Care

You could possibly obtain some assistance through Ozcare

You would be eligible for respite through Commonwealth Respite & Carelink Centres

You could attend a Camp Autism Camp, click on more info for Qld camps

You could attend a PlayConnect PlayGroup

You could attend a My Time support group, click on Groups, click on Queensland

Positive Partnerships online learning for parents and carers

You could possibly be eligible for a Companion Card

Queensland Parents of People With a Disability

Queensland Advocacy Incorporated

Ask your child’s school if they would consider mentoring program from World Vision’s Kids Hope Aus

Carbon Tax, check out their household assistance estimator to see what you can get

You could try ringing Variety Queensland to see if you can apply for any equipment needs for your child such as a trampoline for example.

Dont forget to check out what concessions may be avaliable to you

** Disclaimer ** All information was correct at time of publishing, however rules and regulations change all the time.  It is recommended to check for yourself and use the information above as a guide only.  Thank you

7 thoughts on “QLD Mums Checklist for a newly diagnosed Child on the Spectrum

  1. This is a great checklist Alison – really helpful for new parents. I would love to help you work on the same for each state and territory if you are interested ( leave a message on the Early Days workshop Facebook page). Also parents and families can attend the Early Days workshops which are HCWA funded for free at any time in this process, even before they have a diagnosis, and daes for these can be found on every autism associaiton in the country’s websites.

  2. It appears that the Red Permit may have recently been revised and according to the information on the link provided, a mobility issue must be present to qualify. ADHD/ADD alone wouldn’t qualify you.

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  4. Carers Adjustment Payment from Centrelink also available for people who receive the carers payment and there child is under 7yrs

  5. Carer Adjustment Payment is for those who receive the Carer’s Allowance and are NOT eligible for the Carer’s Payment.

    This is a fantastic list. As a mum of a newly diagnosed child with Autism, thank you 🙂

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