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Developer: Chup On App

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Chup On already being used as an educational tool in hundreds of crèches from around the world.!!

The game consists of charming babies using the correct colour coded soother.
Chup On has been specifically tailored for your children -even the youngest- to enjoy the iPad and learn at the same time.
There are other apps for children but not all of them are designed for those starting to speak. With this app they will interact with the colours and improve their fine-mobility skills while playing and enjoy the sounds of the farm and other funny toys.

Unlike other puzzle games, ChupOn randomly locates the babies over the scenarios, giving us up 200 of combinations to play with.
Some times it will challenge your children with partial hidden targets too make them deduce the colour!.

-Voices and texts in English.
-Fine-Mobility skills aid.
-Audiovisual stimulation.
-Association between colours and words.
-Up to 200 different combinations.
-Animal sounds.
-Toy sounds.
-IOS6 support.
-Retina display graphics.

You Tube:

Specifications:iPad Screenshot 4

Category: Games
Updated: 14 November 2012
Version: 1.1.2
Language: English, Spanish
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later.


Lovely fun game with 3 different levels, teaching your child colours by putting the correct ‘CHUP’ in the mouth of the baby.  Such a lovely fun simple idea.

The 1st level has 3 babies, with 3 different colours and the 3rd level having 6.  The babies move round each time, so you know that they are learning their colours



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