Amelia and Terror of the Night

Amelia and Terror of the Night

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iPhone Screenshot 2Description:

“Amelia and Terror of the Night is one of the most animated and interactive apps I have seen this year. It definitely will ‘Wow’ you the minute you begin the app and children are likely to disappear with your tablet, the minute you show it to them.” –

“Amelia and Terror of the Night must be the best book I have seen on the iOS platform. Even if you include the Androids in there as well, there really isn’t anything out there that matches the quality of graphics, animations, dictation and sounds.” –

“Amelia and Terror of The Night” is an interactive graphic story book for all. Intellectually and visually interesting, filled with invention. It is a journey to the far-off land of adventures, games, hidden secrets and unique quests.

Meet Amelia – a little girl who lives in mysterious Mushroom Clearing with 3 friends: iPhone Screenshot 3

▶ Big furry creature TeddyTeddy
▶ a blue two wheeled cat named Kitty-Patter
▶ and shy little tortoise called Little Pencil

Help Amelia and team rescue their friend from devious dark creature – Whine.
It is a story about friendship, acceptance, cooperation and courage.

Discover unique adventure you have never seen before.

★★ One of the most interactive digital books for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. ★★
★★ Watch your fingers! Everything is interactive in this book! 🙂 ★★

✓ Find 60 hidden stars to unlock secret scene at the end of the story
✓ Find all 180 hidden animated objects and characters
✓ Feel the depth of the 3D effect by tilting the device from left to right
✓ Switch night and day
✓ Rotate the planet with your fingers
✓ Dress-up characters to prepare them for the adventure
✓ Tap the bubbles to pop them
✓ Play the animal orchestra

▶ 4 MINI GAMES:iPhone Screenshot 4✓ Tic Tac Toe – for 1 or 2 players
✓ Listen and repeat melodies sung by frogs or play your own
✓ Hide and seek using flashlight
✓ Break glass shade tapping on it

✓ 42 beautifully presented screens with detailed graphics
✓ Over 360 interactions and animations
✓ Main characters fully lip synchronized
✓ Fully narrated by professional actors (over 20 minutes of voices)
✓ Every main character has 3 different dialog lines for each screen
✓ Over 35 minutes of professional soundtrack
✓ Over 400 humorous sounds.

▶ APP FEATURES:✓ Automatically adapts to your iOS device performance
✓ Universal App: pay once, run on ALL your iOS devices
✓ Smooth 60 frames per second animations (30 for iPad 1)
✓ Compatible with iPhone 5 resolution
✓ Easy to use interface
✓ Captivating, hand-drawn illustrations
✓ Jump to any page in the book with our handy table of contents
✓ Language support for English and Polish

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Category: Books
Released: Dec 12, 2012
Version: 1.0.0
Language: English, Polish
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Appy Chat:

iPhone Screenshot 5

1) When did you decide to develop this app?
About one year ago. We came up with the idea of a 3D effect on the ipad. It really does look cool and we thought this where it can be used. So we decided to use it on story book for kids. Our team is only 3 people so we couldn’t afford to build something big.  That was the start for us.

2) When did you first release this app?
12.12.12 was our release date. We hadn’t planned this date earlier. But the day when we were adding our app to the appstore we could choose a release date so we thought it looks really cool to set a launch on 12.12.12. So we did.

3) How long did it take you to develop this app?
It took us about one year. There were situations where we thought that we couldn’t do this. So many problems we had to sort through. It was really hard for us because we had already regular jobs and so the work had to be done in our spare time on weekends etc. During this year one of our members (animator) lost his job so he devoted himself 100% on our project.

4) What is your favourite feature?
There are a few. First of all the 3D effect. It cost us a lot of effort to make it work properly. I think this effect adds organic feeling to illustrations and makes it come alive. Our second favourite thing is our hidden all-around secrets which can be revealed by your finger tip.

5) What is your favourite page in the app?
For me it’s at page 8 where characters meet to farewell their turtle friend. It’s hard to believe but this was the first illustration where we begin to build the rest of this world.

6) What skills were you hoping to help the end user to develop?
Well this story is about friendship, acceptance,cooperation and courage. I also believe in the theory developed by Bruno Bettelheim, an American psychologist, that by engaging with these socially-evolved stories, children would go through emotional growth that would better prepare them for their own futures.

7) What age range would this app most suit?
This app is for 6-9+ year old kids.

8) Are any new updates coming soon?
Right now we are busy with promoting this app. As soon as we do this we will think what to fix or add. Also we wanted to start working on our next project.

If you would like to try this app – download the lite free version here

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