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Nearly There

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Developer: Creatures of Serendipity

Appy Chat:iPad Screenshot 1

1. When did you decide to develop this app?
It was suggested in July 2011 – The world of apps was an unknown entity to me at that stage but it seemed like the right thing to do if were to publish NEARLY THERE. So the search began and a few months later we found Firsty Group who developed the app with us.

This decision meant a huge learning curve was to follow. We needed sound, we needed money, we needed a launch…  to mention a few challenges we faced.

Serendipity, proximity & timing presented us with the audio talent and the finance. Community spirit and PR talent supported and embraced the launch.

I must also say that social networking sites such as FB & Twitter have given us an opportunity for a platform far beyond our local realms.

2. When did you first release this app?iPad Screenshot 2
The app was released on the 29th June & we launched both the app and hardcopy of NEARLY THERE on 11th July 2012 in Schull, West Cork, Ireland ( you can see photo’s of the launch on FB)

3. How long did it take you to develop this app?
It took 12 months ( idea to reality) to develop the app.
Although the project of NEARLY THERE began way back in 2002.
We ( Johanna, Gabrielle, Budley & Bishop) meet in 2001.
I was home in West Cork recovering from a life threatening illness when we met. It was to be a pivotal point in all our lives.
Everyday Budley and Bishop took us safely across the glorious West Cork countryside where friendships were forged and adventures had. Budley & Bishop showed an enchanted world brimming with sunsets & possibilities that took the two artists ( Gabby & I ) to our drawing boards where a frenzy of creativity began.  We formed a creative partnership called CREATURES OF SERENDIPITY & found ourselves on the road to NEARLY THERE.

4. What is your favourite feature?iPad Screenshot 5
The colouring feature in version 1 & the interactive audio nature of both the dialogue & narrative are what I must love about the functionality of the app.
In version 2-The new feature button in colouring pages that allows the end user to send us the pictures they coloured – allowing us to interact with them.
Also the fact that our readers can now join us on Facebook through the app.

5. What is your favourite page in the app?
I love all the pages but 11 & 12 have to be my favourite images.
I also love the naked chicken popping out of the bush on page 5 .
All the pages  have a special resonance for me as they are the memory of the journeys WE took through West Cork in 2001/2002.

6. What skills were you hoping to help the end user to develop?iPad Screenshot 4
Awareness of animals, friendship, the spirit of adventure, the need to belong, to trust, to believe, to follow your nose, to dream the dream…
Education – reading, language.

7. What range would this app most suit?
I find this such a hard question to answer. I believe it has something for all ages…  4  to 104.  It’s an app to be shared and enjoyed by child, parent, grandparent, brother, sister, uncle, aunt… So why don’t you tell me?

8. Are any new updates coming soon?
Yes. A few mini tweeks have been made to the audio. A button allowing the user to connect with us on Facebook has been added on the credits page and  a special features button has been added to the colouring pages allowing the user to send us the images they’ve coloured allowing us to interact with them.

Description:iPad Screenshot 3

NEARLY THERE is a tale of two horses, Budley and Bishop, who go on an exciting journey; meeting mysterious strangers; overcoming obstacles and undergoing zany trials. Along the way, they encounter other animals all unhappy with their lot. Once freed from human captivity, these friends embark upon a quest for fulfillment; seemingly defenceless they thrive in the face of adversity.

On their meanderings, music and song guides them towards their goal.
On the roadside a naked chicken appears and says: Can you help me find my feathers?
Bishop a thoroughbred bay mare asserted to her: Of course, come with us!
And so the journey begins… on the road to NEARLY THERE!

With its exquisite drawings, catchy tunes, exciting, and innovative narration, NEARLY THERE takes you on an unforgettable journey. This is a story for the child in all of us.

Developed from the original book by Johanna Connor and Gabrielle Byrne, the story is narrated by Colin Vearcombe aka Black; with character voices by Colin Vearncombe and Maurice Seezer and accompanied by the perfect song – On the Road to Nearly There – by Fergus O’Farrell of Interference and Maurice Seezer, composer and performer.


This app will feature the unique illustrations and storytelling by Johanna and Gabrielle, with interactive animation and narration, to provide you with a special experience that will mean you will be constantly finding new and different features that enhance and reinforce the story’s central message of friendship and discovery.

* Narration – the story can be read out loud for children to fully enjoy
* Fully interactive storytelling including a map of Budley and Bishop’s journey.
* Discover the voices of the various animals they meet on their journey
* Colouring feature – enjoy 5 different images that can be coloured in using the interactive colour palette and brush – save and share your pictures with your friends
* Songs – original music played during the story to sing-a-long with.
* Photographic media section where you can see the real life Budley and Bishop and other animals cared for by Johanna and Gabrielle.

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Category: Books
Released: 28 June 2012
Version: 1
Language: English
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.


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Facebook Page:
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App: Nearly There
Cost: $2.99



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