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Developer: Speech Pups LLC


Questions2Learn helps students understand and learn how to answer functional who, what, where, and when questions. The Speech Pups, Moca and Dakota, will reinforce your students while they answer questions! Choose a category that you want to answer questions from: school, home, food & drinks, health, community, and leisure/recreational.


  • Category: Speech 
  • Updated: Oct 30, 2012
  • Version: 3.0

You Tube:

Questions2Learn Lite Version

Questions2Learn setting and data

Level 3 working on receptive and expressive language skills

How to Create Your Own Category of Questions


Appy Chat:

When did you decide to develop this app?


We decided to develop Questions2Learn in May 2011.

When did you first release this app?

June 26, 2012

How long did it take you to develop this app?

about 4 months

What is your favourite feature?


My favorite feature is the customize feature which allows the user to create personalized question categories and modify the picture choices.

What is your favourite page in the app?

The reinforcement page with my dogs Moca and Dakota popping up.

What skills were you hoping to help the end user to develop?


Question2Learn helps individuals who have difficulty understanding and answering who, what, where, and when questions.

What age range would this app most suit?

The age range is from age 3 to about teenager level, depending on the developmental level of the child. If a teenager is performing at a lower developmental level then it would be appropriate. I use my app with children who are teenagers and have multiple disabilities and/or are non-verbal.

Are any new updates coming soon?


Yes an update is coming out in a couple of weeks to fix an issue. After the holiday break I hope to work on an update that adds more features and ideas/feedback I have received from those who have bought Questions2Learn.


We have a giveaway running until the Dec 17, 2012 Enter –> a Rafflecopter giveaway

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