The Tabtoob

The Tabtoob

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Basically the principle driver behind the tabtoob and tabstrap is the fact that I recognised how beneficial the iPad is for the children with severe learning difficulties with whom I work. I desperately wanted to use the iPad with the students, but knew that without a protective cover they wouldn’t last five minutes.

We looked around but there was nothing that gave the protection we needed at a price we could afford. Cases were either too heavy or really difficult for our students to manipulate.

The other factor was cost, many of the parents I work with are funding the iPads themselves and to add a £60 case on top of the cost of the iPad and the apps wasn’t on.

I come from Wigan and we are a rugby town. My next door neighbour manufactures rugby protective head gear and shoulder pads. He had given my son a head guard and I thought if it is strong enough to protect my son’s head it’ll do for an iPad, so I found the material I needed. I then fashioned one up for him out of dog balls and pipe lagging.

He went away and had it made up. Initially I was hoping to get 10 made for the iPads in school, but they proved so popular with students, staff, parents and visitors that the word spread. Hence my business began.

Carry Strap:0 copy0-3 copy

The tabstrap is our latest addition it is an add on, and came about from a student who had hemiparesis and was unable to carry the iPad in the Tabtoob around with him, this gave him the independence that he needed.
The strap allows the iPad to be carried in the tabtoob, by a handle or shoulder/chest strap. It can also be hung on wheel chairs, back of the seat in the car, to hang it up, or use it to secure the iPad on to a child’s lap when she is sitting in a chair, so involuntary movements can’t knock it off.

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A day our with the Tabstrap – a must watch



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Cost: £19.99 + £5.00 per item for shipping


My first impressions of the case is how light weight it is.  It is a very tight fit into the case, which you want so it doesn’t fall out.  The cover which goes over the screen also doubles up as a stand – which is missing in some other cases.  The strap makes it very easy to carry and use the iPad in different situations.  Tabtoob is neat and compact which makes is quite versatile to the many different situations and challenges that we as parents face at time.



We have a Rafflecopter giveaway
until February 13, 2013 to win the case and carry strap

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