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Sound Sorts

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Developer: JFK4SDK



JFK4SDK was formed in January, 2012 by John Kim and Silvana Macri. Using their combined teaching experience of 47 years, both John and Silvana seek to create educational apps that engage and help pre-school, kindergarten, and grade one students build reading skills. The first app released was “Sound Sorts”, an app which helps build beginning ABC letter sounds. The second app in the series is “Sound Sort Blends”, helping to master blends. The next app in the series is “Ending Sound Sorts”, which aims to help build ending sound(s) skills. You will note that our apps are designed from the beginning as a developmental reading skills strategy where one app mastery leads the child to the next app in skill level. Silvana is a certified Reading Recovery Specialist teacher trained in Melbourne, before making her trek to California to marry John, also a kindergarten teacher, and combine their teaching careers to benefit helping children learn to read.

Appy Chat:


When did you decide to develop this app?
We wanted to develop a series of apps that help children learn to read, so this first app helps children master the beginning ABC letter sounds.
When did you first release this app? 
March, 2012
How long did it take you to develop this app? 
Two months
What is your favourite feature? 
The app is easy to navigate for children and visually engaging.
What is your favourite page in the app? 
It’s fun for kids to play a short “Match Game” after completion of all levels.
What skills were you hoping to help the end user to develop?
This app is the first in a series to help children build developmental reading skills as well as strategies. These skills and strategies are drawn from the Reading Recovery program and Silvana’s 25 years of experience in working with school age children ages 3-6.
What age range would this app most suit?
Ages 3-6.
What are the recommended apps in this developmental reading series? 
The next recommended app is “Sound Sort Blends”, and after that is “Ending Sound Sorts”, then “Rhyme Sorts”, then “Word Family Sort”. Coming soon will be “CVC Word Sorts” in May, 2013.


Sound Sorts HD version for iPad is a beginning letter sounds match game.

* Developed by a kindergarten teacher and reading specialist.
* Easy to learn educational game for children ages 3-6.
* Game helps children build pre-reading skills.
* Child will match pictures to beginning letter sounds.
* Child gains confidence in matching letter sounds to pictures.
* Skills learned helps to prepare a child for blending letter sounds.
* All game play levels are saved so child can easily resume play.
* Create up to ten user names in menu.
* User names can be deleted at any time.
* Game only for iPad, because of larger screen.
* Independent fun activity for kids to learn & play!

(note: no letter “X” because it is not commonly used with beginning letter sounds)

You Tube:


Category: Literacy
Updated: March 30, 2012
Version: 1.3
Language: English
Requirements:  Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.


Website: JFK-4-SDK
Facebook Page: Jfk-4-Sdk
Twitter: @jfk4sdk
Pinterest: John Kim
You Tube: John Kim
App: Sound Sortsmza_2406019686745662868.480x480-75
Cost: $1.99


Giveaway until April 23, 2013:

We have 4 codes to giveaway for Sound Sorts for iPad.  Enter ‘HERE

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