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(by Monica Z)iPad Screenshot 2

Anahit is a wonderful app, which I enjoyed reading to my kids. This is a traditional Armenian tale that is so enchanting and instructive. The illustrations and animation are so beautiful and lifelike that the reader is instantly captured. The music that you hear in the background is classical and has the option to be turned off and on. You can choose from three languages: English, Russian and Armenian. You can read it to your kids if they are smaller, like mine, or let them read it by themselves. There is also the option of listening to a narrator.

Anahit is a very beautiful and extremely clever girl, daughter of a shepherd. She weds a prince and becomes a queen. She shows the prince the importance of possessing a craft or having a profession, which later saves his life. This is a tale of growing, courage and love. The app has interactive animation, and is full of objects you can tap on each page, that move and do all kinds of stuff. There are also hidden objects that the kids will enjoy finding. It has lots of animals, which run, fly and eat.

My kids loved it and were so interested in all the objects, tapping them over and over again to see what happens. The girls will enjoy the love story and the beautiful girl, that becomes a princess and the boys will probably like best the drumrolls and the epic fight at the end. It is suitable for all ages and is a great app to have. For me it is very important that an app has educational purpose too, besides the fun part, so I definitely recommend this one. You can give it a try and download the free version and see for yourselves.

Appy Chat:iPad Screenshot 3

About the developer:
My name is Vahram. I am a software developer. “Queen Anahit” is my first indie project. My father helped me with the illustrations. His name is Yervand and he is a doctor, but his hobby is drawing and computer art.

Why this specific tale?
We chose this tale to be our first app for a couple of reasons.   I was looking, but couldn’t find any interactive books based on Armenian tales and this classical beautiful Armenian tale Anahit was written in 1881 by Ghazaros Aghayan and it had a very good message.

What is the main message?
The main message of this tale is that whatever you do in life, whatever position you have, it is really important that you know something else and it is very important to value that.  Like in the tale, craft has saved the King’s life.

How long did it take you to develop this app?
It took us about 4 months to create this app.

Future projects:
We are planning to make more apps based on different traditional tales, not only Armenian ones. Our main goal is to make something beautiful, lovely, and educational. I hope by doing this, we can have a small part in making this world a more beautiful place.

Description:iPad Screenshot 4

Enjoy discovering the enchanting story of two beloved Armenian characters – beautiful, courageous and wise Anahit and Prince Vachagan. This wonderful book will entertain and delight adults and children alike. Choose to read the story or engage in the exciting discovery of all the characters, while observing them move and hearing the sounds they make. The relaxing background music will make this not only a daytime favorite activity, but will also ensure that it can be a true bedtime favorite. Based on the Armenian tale “Anahit” by Ghazaros Aghayan

* 11 amazing, scenic and elaborate pages characteristic to the style of this author that engage and lead you through the journey of the main characters
* Languages: English, Armenian, Russian
* Over 150 exciting interactive elements that thrill, engage and amuse both children and adults
* Beautiful and relaxing background music
* Delightful animation sounds
* A story about wisdom, courage and love.
* A delightful experience for the entire family that entertains and engages children and adults alike

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Specifications:iPad Screenshot 5

Category: Books
Updated: April 11, 2013
Version: 1.2
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.


Website: ap-planet.com
Facebook Page: Anahit – An Interactive Book
You Tube: applanet2012
App: Queen Anahit (iPhone version)
Cost: 99c



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