Write On

Write On


Developer: Bacciz

Description:iPad Screenshot 1

Write On is the only writing app that lets your child practice their name, follow proper strokes for both Block and Script letters, has multiple lines so they can see their progress, sounds in both American and UK English, letter sounds, phonetic sounds, animated letter strokes, cute animal images, write in multiple colors, erase last stroke, and more.

The ABC Alphabet Song at the home page is worth the price of the app, it is a lot of fun, and your child will be playing it and singing along for hours. Write On can help your child to write the right way. Kids must learn to write using the proper strokes.

Write On improves over all of the writing apps by allowing your child plenty of space to practice either with the finger, or with a stylus that works with the ipad. No more wasting paper or buying expensive writing books.

Full version includes;iPad Screenshot 2

Alphabet Song page, Writing page, Word page, Practice page, and the Easy to Hard Strokes mode.

Alphabet song – Charming song that teaches the alphabet and shows the letters as it sings.

Writing Page -Display the proper strokes for all of the letters – Show your child how to properly write both the Upper and Lower case of all of the letters – You do this by simply touching the letter

Sounds for the letter and its phonetic sound – simplified for young children.

Each letter is associated with an animal – Very Cute animals for each letter.

Word page – tap the word in the Writing Screen and the Word practice screen slides in so your child can practice their name. 8 letters max.

Practice page – Large Practice screen can be used to have your child practice writing their name, or writing anything they want. – Save the word.

Easy to Hard Strokes mode – Have your child start from the easiest strokes to make a letter and then advance to the harder strokes. The alphabet has a proper order, but to learn to write there is an alternative sequence so kids don’t get frustrated.

Option to add more than 70 animals so your child can learn and practice over 100 animals, some with animations

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Specifications:iPad Screenshot 3

Category: Fine Motor Skills
Updated: 28 December, 2012
Version: 3.0
Language: English
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.


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