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*** Rated “Top educational app for primary school” in the UK by Educational App Store!
***”Planet Read has potential to build proficient readers and really help them feel like stars. A great place to start a Kindergartener or help a struggling first grader.” -The iPhonemom

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My name is Dylan Wiebe, I am the Author and Creator of Planet Read.  I spent 5 years teaching English and literacy overseas (1 year in Indonesia and 4 years in Singapore).  I was in between jobs and was looking to branch out of my regular teaching role.  I loved technology and how children were using technology to learn.  My passion to continue to see children improve with their literacy stemmed into developing Planet Read, which is a phonics-based reading app. I also created my business called “Borealis Apps” which is the hub to create excellent educational apps.
Planet Read uses a EXTREMELY simple and progressive style for learning how to read.  Students begin with short vowels (then progress onto long vowels and diphthongs) where they are introduced to basic English words essential to start their reading foundation.  Each vowel sound starts off with mono-syllabic words (Practice #1 and #2) and progress into multi-syllabic words (Practice #3).  Each of the words taught are then implemented into a short story.  THIS IS WHERE IT GETS VERY COOL!  Every single word in the story is accompanied with audio that systematically blends out the word for them if they find it too difficult or need assistance (kind of like your own personal tutor!).  I’ve already had parents emailing me about the success their child is having after only 2 months of practice with Planet Read! The blending system may differ from other systems out there but I believe it to be more effective.  Take “cat” for example, a lot of teachers explain it in combinations or for cat, they would single out “at”.  They would then add the “c” sound in front and slowly put the two “sounds” together until “cat” was pronounced properly.  With Planet Read, blending is taught from “left to right”, which is how we all read naturally.  For the same word, “cat”, Planet Read teaches the children to begin at the beginning sound and blend across until the word is pronounced fully ( so it would be blended as “c-ca-cat”).  This is how every word is blended in the app which allows for even unrecognizable words to be blended systematically!
With every purchase of Planet Read, I have dedicated myself to see each child improve with their reading abilities by giving FREE reading support. Whether it’s a question, concern or even pronunciation assistance, parents can contact me via the form
I really hope you enjoy Planet Read and that it opens up an incredible world for your child through literacy!  I am here to support you all the way!

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Planet Read trains students to learn how to read effectively without memorizing! This Phonics-based app will develop students aged 4+ with their reading foundation and make them proficient readers in a very short time. Planet Read covers all short, long and diphthong vowel sounds over 54 short stories! High-quality images, audio and professionally written stories will train students to hear, touch and read proficiently by decoding unfamiliar words without having to memorize. Using our simplified and progressive blending approach, students will begin to understand and MASTER the relationship between written and spoken language.

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The app includes 54 mini lessons, games and exciting stories that will help:
– Beginner students who wish to learn how to read and spell at a proficient level.
– Mature students who wish to improve their reading and spelling foundation at a proficient level.
– Students with reading disabilities learn how to decode an overabundance of English words.
– Students who wish to learn and improve in the English language.
** Students will be exposed to over 2500 decodable English words.
** Students will be exposed to over 100 common English sight words.

Students will be rewarded for their hard work with collector’s awards within the app which will detail what they have successfully completed as well as when they completed their reading tasks.

Planet Read is committed to every student’s reading success. Check out for PERSONALIZED app/reading/tech support and see the difference this app can make!

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Category: Literacy
Updated: April 13, 2013
Version: 1.0.1
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


Website: Borealis Apps
Facebook Page: Borealis Apps
Twitter: @borealisapps
You Tube: Borealis Apps
App: Planet Read
Cost: $1.99


Giveaway until June 10, 2013:iPhone Screenshot 5

Enter ‘HERE’ to win 1 of 7 codes (a rafflecopter giveaway)

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