Mobile Phones Recycling for iPads Australia, UK & Ireland

Mobile Phones Recycling for iPads

Australia, UK & Ireland

By Alison Cantwell Lyons


Mobile4Charity – Charity fundraising through mobile phone recycling

Australian Mobile Recycling – Raise money for schools, clubs & charities


Hearts and Minds Challenge

Collect and recycle old mobile phones in return for great technology gifts while also helping Hearts & Minds raise much needed funds to assist families touched by autism.

By using iPads children with autism can work on receptive and expressive language, fine motor skills, problem solving skills and joint attention.

Mobile phone recycling is open to everyone. You don’t have to have a special needs child or be a member of Hearts & Minds.


Ireland iPad Scheme


Irish Autism Action is a national information service for families affected by autism. Any action by anybody in relation to this group is their own decision. Do not infer from our issue of the information that the content is being endorsed by us.

Company Overview
Irish Autism Action is a young dynamic, innovative and passionate organisation formed in 2001 which is bringing positive change into the lives of those affected by autism. The range of services which Irish Autism Action provides includes awareness raising, early detection diagnosis, education support, advocacy, counselling, helpline, home based support, transition planning, social housing, researc…See More

Irish Autism Action information and parent group


Information was correct at time of publishing.  If you have any further information or updates, please do not hesitate to let us know Thank you

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