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Developer: StudyPad

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(from Joy – co-founder of Studypad, Inc)

When did you decide to develop this app?
We already have around 1.5 million users using the Splash Math Grade 1-5 series of apps. We get thousands of emails from our users. Analyzing at the feedback , including 10,000+ teachers who use our apps, we saw a need for a learning app for the concept of money. Incidentally, “Money” was also one of the most practiced chapters in Splash Math series of apps.

When did you first release this app?
The app is currently submitted to apple and it has just got approved. We are going to be releasing the app around the 13th of December.

How long did it take you to develop this app?photo copy 2
The app took close to 5 months right from conceptualization to submission to the app store. We are sticklers for quality and we would brood over every pixel before we think we got it right.

What is your favourite feature?
While there are lots of features that we love in our apps, but if we were to pick just one, it has to be the interactive lessons which are aligned to the Common Core (CCSSI). These lessons have a a natural voice the reads out the lessons. Parents and teachers could uses these lessons to teach/reteach concepts.

Weekly email reports is a close second. This feature is already present in our existing apps and the parents and teachers simply love this. Not only does it help them track their kids’ progress, but also makes them more involved with what the kids are doing on the iPads.

What is your favourite page in the app?
The Chimpz Makeover page, its simply fantastic. Once the kids have enough points, they can accessorize the mascot with cool shades, tiaras, coronets, shoes and much more! Kids love this.

What skills were you hoping to help the end user to develop?photo copy 5
By the time kids are finished Splash Money, they learn to identifying coins such as – penny, nickel, dime and quarter. They learn to count coins and bills to make amounts and the most importantly – make change, an everyday skill which they go to buy something in a shop.

What age range would this app most suit?
Splash Money would be most apt for ages 4-9.

Are any new updates coming soon?
Yes. Currently, the Splash Money app allows only one user (to track progress). We will be adding multiple users very soon.


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After huge success with the Splash Maths series, Study Pad have made this app just dedicated to helping children learn all about US money, and the concepts needed, to be able to understand it effectively.

Each topic has a ‘read lesson’ and ‘take test’ which is very thorough and detailed.  I particularly liked the questions in the ‘take test’ as it offered the same type of questions, but asked in a different way, which is great in checking understanding  There are 8 topics –  Identify Coins, Value of Coins, Counting Coins, Quarter and Half Dollar, Money in Dollars, Making Amounts, Add/Subract Money and Making Change.

Prizes – This is a fun game, where you earn a coins for 3 correct answers in a row which you then get to spend in the ‘prizes’ section.  You can buy Eye wear, Head gear, Necklaces & your choice of Footwear to create your own fun monkey.

Report Card – The report card has 2 section, Achievements & History.  Achievement show how well the ‘take test’ went  what was Done Well and what Needs Attention, what a great idea, particularly for those children who want to work independently – parents can then check later.  The history section shows the date when any of the 8 activities have been used, the amount of time spent in the ‘read lesson’ and how many answer were correct in the ‘take test’ section.

This is a very thorough app, looking at many different areas of learning, testing, checking understanding and great detailed report to help you get an accurate idea on how your child is progressing.


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Is it time to get your kids started with learning about coins and bills? With Learn Money, start your kid’s learning about American money from the basic identification of coins & bills to making change.

Learn Money includes engaging lessons with natural voice-over and follow-up quizzes that helps students score well in their benchmark and state tests.

Learn Money is the latest addition to SPLASH MATH Grade 1-5 series of apps which are already being used by over 3 million kids and 10,000 teachers across US. It is a ideal learning aid for ages 4-9.

★ Key Features (American Money Only)

  • Voice reading of lessons and questions
  • Broken up into 8 different topics with ENGAGING LESSONS
  • Common Core aligned to help Teachers and Home-schoolers
  • Fun rewards
  • Weekly Email reporting
  • Practice Questions with Explanations for incorrect answer
  • Ideal for AGES 4 – 9

★ Content Coverage
1. Identify Coins – Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Half Dollar, Dollar
2. Value of Coins
3. Counting Coins
4. Quarter and Half Dollar
5. Money in Dollars
6. Making Amounts
7. Add/Subtract Money
8. Making Change

★ Content Quality
Learn Money provides a kid friendly interface which allows the kid to play with coins, bills using touch gestures like move, rotate, drag. The quizzes are adaptive thus ensuring that the kid is always presented with the appropriate level of content. The problems in the quizzes reinforce the concepts taught in the lesson. All the content in Learn Money is created and tested by Curriculum Experts.

★Parent Section
We believe it is critical for parents to be in constant sync with the progress of the kid. Learn Money provides a progress report section in the app which provides details on the performance in quizzes. Parents/Teachers can also subscribe to a easy-to-track weekly email reports to get a quick snapshot of the progress every week.

★Rewards & Prizes
Kids’ love games. Don’t they? Learn Money provides kids with incentives for each correct answer on the app. The kids earn coins by answering questions correctly and can use them to buy accessories for Chimpz – the chimpanzee. Lot of fun accessories for Chimpz like cool shades, head gears, neck gears, shoes are available which will keep your kid engaged and motivated.

★About StudyPad
StudyPad is a premier education technology company that has successfully infused creativity into content design and development to build an ecosystem where students, teachers and parents seamlessly interact. We have published SPLASH MATH series of apps for Grade 1-5, which have been a huge success. Our apps are being used by over 3 million kids and is trusted by teachers in more than 6,000 schools in US. StudyPad has been accredited with various awards for its pioneer technology-powered education apps including:
★ “Best Elementary Student App” (2011), by BestAppEver.com
★ TABBY AWARD 2012 in “Best Education and Training App” category


Category: Math
Released: February 18, 2013
Version: 1.1.2
Language: English
Requirements: Compatible with iPad.  Required iOS 5.0 or later


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Webpage: StudyPad Inc
Facebook page: StudyPad
Twitter: @StudyPadInc
You Tube: StudyPad Inc
Pinterest: StudyPad
App: Splash Money
Cost: $4.99



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