A Christmas Survival Guide

A Christmas Survival Guide

Complied by: Alison Cantwell Lyons

A wealth of information generally on Christmas is at the 2010 Newsletter by the Mackay Autism Support Group
– Things to do to help Christmas Day go smoothly for all
– Shopping tips for parents
– Helpful resources
– Quick and easy Christmas recipes
– Autism friendly Christmas (by Donna Williams)
– Preparing for visitors
– Tips from Sue Larkey
– Visting Santa at shopping centres
– Ideas for Christmas gifts for ASD child/teenager
– Great websites (list)
– Going to grandmas
– More recipes
– Christmas and holiday memories
– Autism and the Christmas holidays
– Hints, ideas and strategies appropriate for Christmas Day (by Josie Santomauro)
– Some helpful Christmas activity websites
– Getting organised
– A final word from AQ on Surviving the Christmas holidays

One Place For Special Needs, browse online resources: Holidays
There’s at least 84 resources for Christmas from making your own cardboard Christmas tree to beautiful clips from YouTube on Christmas Light displays.
– Cardboard Christmas tree
– Child’s journal in a jar
– Christmas countdown calendar using paper plates
– Christmas countdown on a ring
– Christmas drop
– Christmas iTree app
– Christmas light show app
– Christmas lights
– Christmas lights holiday maths game
– Christmas picture symbol songs
– Christmas preparation list for parents of children with disabiltiies
– Christmas sorting activity
– Christmas storytelling
– Christmas traditions around the World
– Christmas tree decorator app
– Christmas vocabulary cards
– Christmas with my son with Autism
– Communication Board – Christmas Boy
– Communication Board – Christmas Girl
– Cornflake Christmas Wreaths picture symbol recipes
– Days to Christmas
– Decorate a Christmas tree
– Developmentally appropriate practice, Christmas and Santa visits
– Email Santa Claus
– Extra special holiday wish


One Place For Special Needs, browse online resources: Holidays / Santa Claus
– Autism support pack for visiting Santa
– Christmas vocabulary cards
– Days to Christmas App
– Developmentally appropriate practice, Christmas and Santa visits
– Email Santa Claus
– How to calm children afraid of Santa
– How to get your child excited about Santa Claus
– Is your child afraid of Santa Claus?
– Modifed activity – reindeer food
– NORAD Santa Tracker
– Northpole website for kids
– Overcoming fear of Santa
– Passing down traditions
– Portable north pole
– Santa America for special needs
– Santa talks to the world
– Santa’s Christmas village
– Suddenly Santa
– Syllable Santa (holiday related words)
– Talking Santa App
– Visit Santa online
– Visting Santa with your special needs child
– What’s different about Santa?
– When do children stop believing in Santa Claus?
– When your child is too old for Santa, Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy

The National Autistic Society – UK
Coping with Christmas
Ten ideas for a happy Christmas
Talking about Chrsitmas
Writing Christmas letters, practicing Christmas plays, Decorating a tree and many more…

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