Hansel and Gretel Milkbook

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Hansel and Gretel Milkbook

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Developer: Milkbook

Appy Chat:iPhone Screenshot 1

When did you decide to develop this app?
Last november

When did you first release this app?
At the beginning of February 2013

How long did it take you to develop this app?
Around two months

What is your favourite feature?
The artwork, which is gorgeous!

What is your favourite page in the app?
Page 10, when little Gretel pushes the witch into the oven

What skills were you hoping to help the end user to develop?
Reading, learning another language, stimulating curiosity and fantasy, getting to know a classic by Grimm Brothers

What age range would this app most suit?
From 3 to 6 years

Are any new updates coming soon?
Yes, we are working on a memory game of Hansel and Gretel to give for free with our interactive fairytale

Anything you would like to share about your philosophy?iPhone Screenshot 2
Take a good old time story, add gorgeous illustrations, a nice narration, tell it in three different languages and get yourself ready for success! It is fun, full of hot spots for children and the options to read/listen in Spanish, English and Italian is pretty cool and helpful for families who speak or are learning to speak different idioms.


A light and lively version by the classic Brothers Grimm.
Hansel and Gretel is a Milkbook interactive fairy tale 100% “Made in Italy” that focuses on quality content: text which is punctuated by pleasant wordplay, beautiful and imaginative pictures, and friendly and intuitive interactions.

“We have no money for food,” the stepmother said one evening to her husband,
 “We must get rid of your children.” So start the troubles of the brother and sister … and they soon end up in the clutches of a horrible child eating witch.

Will they be able to get away?
 While the narrator (available in Italian, English and Spanish) tells the story, the children interact with the characters of the tale and the many animals of the forest.
Tap the screen and listen to the birds, rabbits and owls! See how fast the squirrel runs away! Spy in on the secret sinister plan of their stepmother! Lend a hand and help Gretel push the witch into the oven!

The fun is just a finger swipe away in this enjoyable and exciting adventure, full of evocative illustrations, original sound effects and spirited animations, designed to engage children from 3 years of age in a playful and intelligent way.

SPECIAL FEATURESiPhone Screenshot 3
– Pleasant text, specially created to intrigue and entertain children
– Beautiful and accurate Illustrations, changing “light” according to the moods of the main characters
– Simple and cute characters, shown in the same perspective as not to confuse young children
– Modern and captivating graphics
– Choose to listen to or read the story in English, Italian or Spanish
– Turns on / off the background music when you want
– It also works in a “use by air”


– See the many interactive surprises
– Touches the inhabitants of the forest and listen to their funny sounds
– Find the spider that pops up when you least expect
– Admire the fabulous gingerbread house
– Make it rain from heaven with sweets and candies
– Push the old witch inside the oven
– Ready to be consumed by a shower of sweets and candies?
Hansel and Gretel Milkbook captivates children and wins over the parents!

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Category: Books
Updated: February 26, 2013
Version: 1.1
Language: English
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.


iPhone Screenshot 4

Website: Milkbook
Facebook Page: Milkbook
Twitter: @mymilkbook
Pinterest: MilkBook
You Tube: Milkbook
App: Hansel and Gretel Milkbook
Cost: $2.99



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