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Developer: 4KidCal LLC

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What inspired me to develop an app?
As an early childhood teacher and mentor for the NYC Department of Education I have a clear vision of the students needs. Unfortunately, students lack organizational and time management skills. Without possessing these social life long skills academic curriculum can not be pursued successfully. Children forget important events, supplies to bring, assignments, school trips and 1/2 day notices. This is a perpetual dilemma and needs a solution.

What makes my app special?
Observing how children learn gave me the insight into how to format the app. The three necessary ingredients are engaging, ( interactive)  Entertaining and educational. It must be kid friendly and captivate their limited attention span.

How do you accomplish this?
You must use different senses. Visual through the most fun loving adorable icons. Touching and selecting their favorite. Hearing their own voice which is mesmerizing.

Describe the app brieflyiPhone Screenshot 1
Child selects a favorite icon and places it on the date of the event. He then records his voice into the icon. The icon pops out on the designated date and speaks to child and parent.

Why do parents love it?
We cuddle up with a book to read aloud but now they have the opportunity to plan with their child, become aware of events and be reminding through the loving voice of their child. What could be more perfect.


Featured by Apple as “New and Noteworthy


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Can you imagine hearing your child’s voice reminding you of their important events? Your child will learn to organize events by picking activity-related icons and recording their own voice reminders. Scheduling is easy and fun — tap on the date an event is to be scheduled, select one of the app’s 28 colorful icons, and record an audio memo with a special message from the child. The app is completely individualized, from the child’s picture profile, to the fun icons they choose to remind them of their activities (soccer balls, ballet slippers, birthday cakes and more!). This child friendly format enables kids to enter into the world of time management with just the touch of their fingers and sound of their voices.

How 4KidCal! Works:

 iPhone Screenshot 3Kids simply:
1. Click on the day they want to schedule an activity.
2. Click on one of the app’s many reminder icons.
3. Record an audio memo with the “What, Where, and When” of their planned event.
4. Receive a reminder the morning of the event.

It’s that simple!

Key Mathematical Concepts of 4KidCal!:
• Teaches the child how to read and understand the calendar. This is a mathematical common core standard mandated from the Department of Education.
• Provides the child with “real life” learning and “hands on “ experience. The inquisitive child constantly asks, “How many more days until my birthday?” This provides an understanding of elapse time. A concept explored on state mathematics tests.
• Mathematical Vocabulary is explored in everyday activities. Days, weeks, before, after, next. Mathematical terms now have meaning.

There’s no complex data entry or tedious busy work with 4KidCal! – it’s just kids, the month ahead, and a great opportunity to start learning how to plan!

You Tube:


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Category: Education
Updated: February 27, 2013
Version: 1.4
Language: English
Requirements:  Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.


Website: 4KidCal LLC
Facebook Page: 4KidCal
Twitter: @4KidCal
You Tube: 4KidCal
App: 4KidCal!
Cost: $1.99


Giveaway until June 10, 2013 of 7 codes:

Enter ‘HERE’ (a rafflecopter giveaway)

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