Step By Step Getting Dressed With The Wonkidos

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Step By Step Getting Dressed With The Wonkidos

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Developer: Brighter Futures For Beautiful Minds

Mentions/Awards:iPhone Screenshot 1

2013 Best Solution for Special Needs Students
The Software & Information Industry Association


(Reviewed by Amy T from Special Apps, Special Kids)

This is one of the Wonkido video apps highlighted at the Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds booth at the AOTA conference in San Diego recently. The apps were created with children with special needs in mind, but are relevant for any child- they use video modeling and a game format to help teach self help skills. This app focuses on the steps necessary to get dressed properly. There are two parts to the app- a short video around 5 minutes or less, and a game/quiz. Endearing cartoon characters walk a little boy-Evan- through each step of getting dressed; the characters demonstrate how to put on underwear, pants/shorts, shirts, socks and shoes. After the video the child can take a quiz with questions about the steps needed to get dressed.

The kids really respond well to the characters- each has a distinct personality the kids get to know, and the quiz is set up so that if the child gets a question wrong, they have an opportunity to watch the video again. After each correct answer, a checkmark is displayed at the top for each step, and an explanation is given. I have several of the Wonkido video apps and wish I had these available to me earlier!

About the Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds (BFBM):iPhone Screenshot 2

BFBM is the creator of the Wonkido Visual Organizer for Kids and the animated series, “Wonkidos.” At BFBM, we are committed to combining interactive technology with cutting-edge research in child development to create mobile applications, software and videos that help children learn social, organizational and developmental skills. We passionately believe that our products will empower children at various developmental stages to better understand and succeed in the world around them.


Teach your children the steps they need to learn to get dressed all by themselves

– Visual Learning
– Video Modeling
– Fun Animated Cartoon to visually teach children
– Wonkido Videos – Award winners of Mom’s Best Award – Outstanding Product 2012!
– Important Social and Life Skills

Watch a fun animated cartoon of the Wonkidos help teach the steps a child needs to do in order to get dressed.

Reinforce the steps and behaviors kids need to know to independently get dressed on their own.

After watching the video your child can play a game to reinforce what they learned. Put the images in order showing the steps of what needs to be done when getting dressed. This applications does not require reading skills and young children will be able to follow and answer the questions independently.

Teach sequence skills playing the step by step game.iPhone Screenshot 3

The Wonkidos are fun, silly characters that teach children important lessons in a fun animated way! Each story models correct behaviors and teaches fun lessons for all ages! Let the Wonkidos help your child learn how to get dressed all by themselves!

Kids learn best when engaged and having fun. Video modeling helps teach your child the correct behaviors of what to do in the correct situation.

Professional Review
“Young children learn by exploration—seeing and doing things that are available to them. Progress in learning is a result of many experiences with both successes and failures at home, in school and the playground. Most learning in early childhood occurs in this way in safe, natural surroundings with guidance by parents and other adults.

The Wonkidos video series provides opportunities for young children to learn effective ways to negotiate common developmental challenges—-potty training, getting dressed, playing with friends and more. The short, animated programs are engaging to kids because they are stories that are told from the child’s perspective in an entertaining way. Sound developmental principles are written into the scripts to maximize learning. As they watch these video stories, children learn about their ability to make things happen in the family and with friends. Ultimately, it teaches them how to successfully use their new motor, language and social skills. The Wonkidos video series is an important contribution to early childhood learning.”

Martin T. Stein, MD
Professor of Pediatrics
Division of Child Development and Community Health
University of California San Diego
Rady Children’s Hospital

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Specifications:iPhone Screenshot 5

Category: Life Skills
Updated: July 23, 2012
Version: 2
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.


Website: Wonkidos
Off iPad Activities: Handouts and Worksheets
Facebook Page: Wonkido
Twitter: @wonkido
Pinterest: Wonkido Learning
You Tube: Wonkido Animated Social Skills
App: Step By Step Getting Dressed With The Wonkidos
Cost: $3.99


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