Kapu Tickle Toy Camera HD

Kapu Tickle Toy Camera HD

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Developer: Kapu Toys



Kapu Tickle is fun for young kids!  They can poke the retro style characters, and they will laugh and move about.  In addition, if they pull the string below the character, the character will turn into an entirely new creation, often a mixture of different characters, right before their eyes!  The laughter of these creations is contagious!  There is an option to change the background photo to a picture of somewhere of your child’s really enjoys.  The pictures are not stored on your iPad’s camera roll or tagged in any way, so the privacy of your child is protected.  If you want to introduce your child to the camera on the iPad in a safe way, this is the app to use!  Inside the app, there is a square button, on the left side of the page, that takes a picture to change the background to place that you or your child chooses.   On the right, there is a similar button, but this button is to change the character’s face within the app.  Your child can take a picture of themselves or you, and so on.  Again, these pictures are not stored on your iPad.
The graphics are very bright, and appealing to young children, and the app is extremely easy to navigate,  which makes it ideal for little ones.  On the home page, there is a picture of a child holding their parent’s hand.  If you tap this twice,  you can access the app store to buy the developer’s other app, track how much long your child uses the app, set limits to how long they are allowed to use the app, follow the developer on Facebook, link to terms/support/website, and rate/review the app.
Impression:  This app is definitively good for teaching cause and effect to little ones, as well as  prompting them to explore their world, and to promote creativity.  I think is also great for just fun family time.   I love the unique graphics too! I believe children, especially younger ones, will enjoy the ability to safely use the camera.  Even though there are no in-app purchases, there is a link to the developer’s other app, via the iTunes ,on the home page in the parent’s section that is not very difficult to get past.  Due to that, buyers need to  have their settings adjusted appropriately. This is true for almost every app you will buy.  My only wish is that this section was locked with an arithmetic question or a password.  I do want to mention, that I love that you can monitor and/or limit your child’s use of the app.  Overall,  I this is a fun app for young kids, and the “safe camera” option absolutely sets it apart from others!
Reviewed by our Admin Angie Gorz


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Kapu Tickle Toy Camera is a super-fun toy, which combines classic kids games and toys such as peek-a-boo, tickle tag and the jumping-jack puppet with modern technology!

The gameplay and intuitive controls have been designed so that there is no wrong way to play with the toy; everything the kids do will make it work.

• Tickle the characters and make them laugh by poking them.
• Change any character into something totally new by pulling the string under the doll up or down.
• Turn yourself or your kid into one of the characters by taking a photo!
• Create new worlds and stories by changing the background to a photo of your kids’ favorite place!
• Or just mix them all up and enjoy the ride.

There are no high-scores, time limits or difficulty levels – just endless fun for the tiny ones.

• Teach your kids how to use the iPhone or iPad camera safely and in a fun way.
• The toy activates children to move around to find new things to capture.
• Photos are not saved to your camera roll or photo stream.
• No location tagging on photos – fully maintaining the privacy of you and your child!

• High-quality Retina graphics with classic 1950’s inspired illustrations.
• Playful sounds and colorful animations
• Exclusively composed music played with real instruments
• Innovative gameplay and intuitive controls for kids
• Parental Controls; manage the gameplay time in a few easy clicks
• No in-app sales or hidden costs
• No third-party advertising

Note! Kapu Tickle Toy Camera is also designed to work perfectly well on the first generation iPad without a camera.

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Category: Game
Updated: Sep 25, 2012
Version: 1.0.0
Language: English
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


Website: http://www.kaputoys.com
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/kaputoys
Twitter: @kaputoys
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/kaputoys/
You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/kaputoys
App: Kapu Tickle Toy Camera HD
Cost: 99c



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