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List of Current Giveaways on The Appy Ladies

The Little Patient 5 Codes to Giveaway at $1.99 each
This story is about the Jazmin’s ear infection. You can learn how she visited the doctor with Mommy and then the pharmacy.
Finishes: May 28, 2013
Meek-a-Moo 3 Codes to Giveaway at 99c each
Fifty lively animals will turn your iPad into FOREST, ZOO, FARM, HOME and LAKE. Each scene is filled with colorful illustrations, cute animation and funny sounds.
Finishes: May 28, 2013
Yummiloo Rainbow Power 3 Codes to Giveaway at $1.99 each
Help Rooty and the other Yum Yums harvest as many different colored fruits and vegetables as possible to power up the Rainbow Machine and begin the carnival.
Finishes: May 29, 2013
It’s A BAD day To Be A FLY! 3 Codes to Giveaway at $2.99 each
Engaging illustrations and text have been designed to motivate children to read for pleasure and information.
Finishes: May 29, 2013
Animal Planet Hide & Seek Pets 4 Codes to Giveaway at $3.99 each
Spin the wheel and get ready to play! This vibrant app brings six adorable pets to life for kids ages 3 and up. Activities include etter tracing, memory matching, puzzle play, creative coloring—plus a special interactive animal piano!
Finishes: May 30, 2013
Happy Geese 1 x $25 Amazon Giftcard
Our games are designed to be enjoyed by everyone. Young children, children with special needs, their parents, family and friends: Happy Geese will bring everyone together and will be the source of hours of fun.
Finishes: May 30, 2013
The Berenstain Bears’ Really Big Pet Show1 Code to Giveaway at $2.99 each
When the Bear Town Festival hosts a pet show, the Bear family makes sure their pets look and feel their best for the big day. Who will receive prize ribbons from Mayor Honeypot?
Finishes: May 31, 2013
Step by Step Ordering at a Restaurant 5 Codes to Giveaway at $3.99 each
From the Multi Award winning Wonkidos. Teach your child the skills they need to know to order at a restaurant all by themselves at a restaurant with Visual Learning & Video Modelling.
Finishes: May 31, 2013
Queen Anahit 10 iPhone Codes to Giveaway at 99c each
A traditional Armenian tale about wisdom, courage and love.
Finishes: May 31, 2013
Miracles of Jesus 3 Codes to Giveaway at $2.99 each
This timeless story has been reimagined into an interactive app experience that brings to life the classic animation from the popular NEST Learning DVD series.
Finishes: June 3, 2013
Meet Paddle Duck and join his adventure to find Carrie Cat on the Farm. An engaging, fun, and educationally interactive story for your toddler with rhyme, song and dance.
Finishes: June 3, 2013
Word Family Sorts 10 Codes to Giveaway at $1.99 each
“Word Family Sorts HD” is the next step after a child has mastered blending letter sounds using the “Sound Sort Blends” game. In this fun educational game, the child matches the pictures to the words shown on top and bottom of screen.
Finishes: June 3, 2013
Wee Kids Deluxe 10 Codes to Giveaway at $8.99 each
Wee Kids Deluxe is the complete collection of Apps dedicated to children’s intellectual growth! Wee Kids ABC, Wee Kids Math, as well as parts from Wee Kids Sudoku, Memory, Puzzles, Shapes, Mazes, and Draw & Color Apps.
Finishes: June 4, 2013

8 thoughts on “Give Aways

    • Have a look at the names of the apps and find one that you like (all of them are wonderful). You click on the name of the app and you will taken to the review page. When you scroll to the bottom, you will see the word Giveaway. You click on ‘a rafflecopter giveaway’ which is just underneath taht and you will be taken to another screen to enter. Just follow the instructions there, or you can click on this link and it will take you to all of our current giveaways on one page. I hope this helps, if not, please let me know

  1. any give aways that can help my son would great speak for yourself has does wonders for my son its a wonderful app

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