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autism Oz iMagazine, is a monthly iPad-based, digital autism health, lifestyle and support magazine. Our aim is to inform, entertain and inspire those touched by autism. We believe that in sharing our journeys we inspire and uplift others on a similar path. 

If you have an iPad, you can subscribe or just have a look at parts of Issue 01 in the APP store at:

In the first issue of autism Oz:
One parent’s dilemma over whether or not to put her child into respite.
Will non-verbal children ever speak?
Tried and Tested advice on improving your child’s attention span.
A stressful but hilarious visit to the supermarket.
Autism in India and how Bollywood is helping break the taboo.
And so much more. Nutrition. Eat, Play Learn. Thoughts on toilet training, home schooling and what you can do.
61 pages of support, advice and a really good read.

FOR THOSE WITHOUT AN IPAD, a PDF subscription of the magazine is available to order simply send me message or an email at and I can arrange it for you.

Yearly subscription is AUD$44 which is less than the price of a cup of coffee a month, with no bitter after-taste.

Appy Chat with the Editor:


My name is Iain Croft. I am a former journalist with the British Broadcasting Corporation in London, where I worked for 23 years. I was a producer and planning editor for various TV and radio programs. I was Assistant Editor at Hardtalk on World TV, Planning Editor at World Service Radio News Programmes, and Assistant Editor at the BBC’s most influential news and current affairs program called “The Today Programme”.

I now live in Perth Australia, with my Australian wife Heather and young family.

I am a parent of three wonderful children Riley (sadly deceased) Isabella who is six and Rafael five. If you Google me you will find out more information about Riley. But here are some of the articles – which explain some of my motivation for helping children reach their potential.
It is because of what happened to him that I now am putting my energy into child welfare and helping parents assist children reach their full potential.

And this has inspired me into putting together a major project aimed at people with autism and their carers. 

‘autism Oz’is an iPad based, autism support magazine.

So called because the magazine is produced in Australia (Oz) though aimed at the global autism community.

You know what an exciting invention the iPad is and how it works especially well with children across the autism spectrum

‘autism Oz’ utilises the iPad’s interactive ability to create magazines that come alive and serve the community. As well as written content, we link video that is played straight from the pages of the publication. We also produce a PDF download version which also links to our videos.

What is exciting for me is that families are be able to connect via these pages and share their own stories and video of struggle and success.

For my son Rafael (though not on the spectrum, has food textural problems) a personal triumph happened a few days ago. He ate blue jelly, ice-cream and sprinkles all from the same bowl. He was so happy and proud of himself, creating his own ‘recipe’ by stirring the whole dessert together. Then he ate the lot. Yum. He has now moved onto mixing three different types on pasta together on his plate, eating the whole lot and asking for seconds.. Woohoo.

I do not consider any person’s idea of struggle and success as too small. In personal battles it is one small step at a time.

autism Oz is about giving a totally interactive experience through sharing video, letters, stories and photographs of our reader’s autism journey. 

We believe that in sharing our journeys we inspire and uplift others on a similar path. 

I also believe in seeking and giving the best advice. Our contributors write short articles (200 – 500 words). Some make simple video contributions and we have a good number of highly respected scientist, therapists and parents involved.

My hope is to build a magazine that supports and connects families who have a family member with autism and those who work within the community.



Facebook Page:
Twitter: @autismOz
App: autism Oz iMag
Cost: Download app, open the app up to receive the first magazine for free, by typing in the code: autismOz001



1. Download the App – autism Oz iMag
2. Open the app on your iPad
3. Select Subscribe
3. Select Current Subscribers
4. Type in autismOz001

If you don’t have an iPad, you can download the PDF file from their website

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