FTVS HD – First Then Visual Schedule HD



First Then Visual Schedule HD



Developer: Good Karma Applications, Inc

What we most liked about this app:

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Amy T from Special Apps, Special Kids

This What I most love about this app is ease of use, and ability to embed videos into a schedule. From the moment I opened the app, I was able to set up a new schedule, and choose from several different options on how to display the schedule- i.e. one large image on the screen, First Then, a list of smaller icons with steps, a mode where you move items from the “active” side to a completed side, or a mode mimicking a physical visual schedule with velcro/ all done pocket to place completed items in. There is also a neat timer feature you can use to keep the user on task for each step, but my favorite feature is the ability to embed videos as a step, which means you can use this app a video modeling/learning tool as well.


To celebrate Autism Awareness month, we plan on discounting this app to $9.99 for the entire month of April.

The visual supports you can create and use with First Then Visual Schedule (FTVS) HD have proven to be especially beneficial for the following populations:

  • Typically developing children
  • Those learning English as a second language
  • People with developmental disabilities like Autism and Down Syndrome
  • Individuals with learning disabilities like dyslexia
  • People affected by anxiety or attention deficits
  • Anyone with language, hearing or auditory processing deficits
  • Individuals affected by aphasia after a stroke
  • photo 2And many more…

So, as a parent, teacher, therapist or adult who could benefit from visual supports you want to try them but may be frustrated by how many different apps you seem to need in order to do so?

FTVS HD lets you easily and quickly create and use ALL these visual supports in just one app:

First Then boards
Visual schedules
Task analyses
Social stories
Choice boards
Video models

FTVS HD is designed to be used anywhere and everywhere with everything you need easily accessible from within the app:

It’s universal so it will work on any iDevice

FTVS HD gives you FIVE different options for adding images: take a picture using your device’s camera or grab one from the camera roll, Google an image, use one of the stock images in the app or access one of 10,000 Smarty Ears symbols. All the stock images and Smarty Ears symbols are searchable by name.

Set a timer for either an entire schedule or for individual steps within it.

Attach a choice board or video to any step.photo 3

There are FIVE different viewing options: Look at one single image at a time (great for the visually impaired), view two images in a First Then board format, scroll through a checklist, drag and drop an image to another column once a step is complete or drag and drop an image from a strip and put it in an envelope.

FTVS HD makes it easy to create, customize and share schedules.

You can copy the templates that come with the app or create your own from scratch.

Easily edit, move, delete or hide steps within schedules.

You can print your schedules and share them with other users via email. Due to size constraints you can currently only email one choice board and cannot email videos.

Good Karma Applications are dedicated to providing apps that are powerful, easy to use and affordable. If you have any feedback or questions in relation to any of our apps, please contact us at support@goodkarmaapplications.com

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Specifications:photo 4

Category: Communication
Released : April 01, 2013
Version: 1.0
Language: English
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later.


Website: Good Karma Applications
Facebook Page: Good Karma Apps
Twitter: @GoodKarmaApps
Pinterest: Good Karma Apps
App: FTVS HD – First Then Visual Schedule HD
Cost: $9.99


Giveaway until May 6, 2013:photo 5

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