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Ideas on how to encourage the ‘k’ sound 

Vocabulary Instruction Is for EVERYONE. There are no pre-requisite skills needed.” from PrAACtical AAC 

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Caroline Bowen PhD – Speech Language Pathologist
Since 1998 speech-language-therapy dot com has provided information and resources to consumers, Speech-Language Pathologists / Speech and Language Therapists and students worldwide. The content reflects the professional, clinical, teaching and research activities of the site owner Caroline Bowen who has special interests in children’s speech sound disorders and the role of families in intervention.  – Vote Best Teacher Blog for 2012

speechBITE™ is a database that provides open access to a catalogue of Best Interventions and Treatment Efficacy across the scope of Speech Pathology practice. This is an evidence based practice initiative between The University of Sydney and Speech Pathology Australia.

Speech Therapy Ideas – where you can find lots of ideas, activities and materials

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