Planet Zimmiz


Appy Chat & Giveaway

Developer: Big Foot Toys Pty Ltd

Appy Chat:iPhone Screenshot 1



Zimmiz are a lovable alien race that crash-landed on Earth while searching for their lost twins. Zimmiz are extremely cheeky and love to play tricks on one another.

Grab your Zimmi and try the following:iPhone Screenshot 3
* Feed Zimmi exotic food
* Tickle Zimmi till he lets off steam 🙂
* Turn Zimmi upside-down
* Shake Zimmi round and round
* Play games with Zimmi
* Hug Zimmi
* Play with Itchy Zimmi
* Interact with Sleeping Zimmi
* See what else you can discover!

Tap Zimmi’s Birth Mark to change his mood
(try tapping the birthmark while he’s moving to make him do something different)

MAKE YOUR OWN ZIMMI (MYOZ)iPhone Screenshot 4
Zimmiz have a unique chameleon-like ability to change the way they look to match the environment. Go to MYOZ and customize your Zimmi by changing:
* the color of Zimmi’s eyes
* the color of Zimmi’s skin
* the shape of Zimmi’s nose
* the shape of Zimmi’s lips
* the style of Zimmi’s teeth

Zimmi Says
* Do what Zimmi says but only when Zimmi says!

Hide & Seek and Hide & Holler
*Play Hide & Seek and Hide & Holler with Zimmi


You Tube:

Specifications:iPhone Screenshot 5

Category: Games
Updated: April 19, 2013
Version: 1.41
Language: English, ?, ?, ?
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.


Website: Big Foot Toys Pty Ltd
Facebook Page: Zimmiz
Twitter: @planetzimmi
You Tube: PlanetZimmi
App: Zimmiz
Cost: Free


Giveaway until June 23, 2013:

Enter ‘HERE’ (a rafflecopter giveaway)

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