The Little Wolf Who Swam Out to Sea

The Little Wolf Who Swam Out to Sea



Developer: Alllook



“Little wolf who swam out to sea” won the prize “Best children’s book of the year 2005”. This interesting interactive book takes your child in a fairy-tale world! It is full of great colorful pictures and suitable for children aged 2 years.

The fairy tale “Little wolf who swam out to sea”, created by the writer Ivan Malkovich, inspirer of “A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA”.

The book is based on Mariyka’s Lugovick, 5-years old girl, tiny story, consisted of only 5 sentences. Illustrations for the book prepared by talented Ukrainian graphic artist Sophiya Us, who was working on the book for three years. As a result you can see colorful wonderful underwater world.
“Little wolf who swam out to sea” – is a classical book presented in a new format of the third millennium.



  • Your child can play with objects and characters in the book – only find sparkling stars and touch them with a finger
  • Enjoy tender music with sea sounds – relaxing and calming
  • The book is voiced by professional artist
  • Each time you turn the page – you hear realistic “paper” sound
  • Word’s highlighting contributes your child in developing reading skills
  • Game “Found Subjects” welcomes the winner with a solemn music
  • Collect puzzles of favorite pictured. You can make parts of puzzles bigger or smaller. When you hear click-sound it means that you’ve found the right place for the puzzle part
  • Press the button “felt pen” and paint with a finger real illustration
  • You can set the sound level or switch it off
  • Shake the iPad and you can start all games from the beginning
  • And also something interesting

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Category: Books
Updated: 11 May, 2012
Language: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.


Website: Alllook
Facebook Page: Alllook
Twitter: @alllook1
App: Little wolf who swam out to sea
Cost: US$3.99



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