Doodle Learning Times Tables

Doodle Learning Times Tables

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Developer: Doodle Learning

Appy Chat:iPad Screenshot 1

What is the name of your app?
Doodle Learning Maths / Doodle Learning English and Doodle Learning Times Tables

Why did you decide to develop this app?
We love the idea of technology like iPads being able to help children of all abilities in their education.  I started getting involved in my children’s homework by making interactive drawing games on our kitchen table, and then moving to the iPad and quickly realising that they could be learning whilst having lots of fun – they were more engaged and really happy doing their homework without really realising that that was what they were doing!

When did you first release this app?
January 2013 for Doodle Learning English and Math and Times Tables just last week

How long did it take you to develop this app?iPad Screenshot 2
About 6 months from start to finish.  We prototyped a few concepts before that, before realising that the matching games worked really well for the children.

What is your favourite feature?
That children can go at the pace that they want and don’t really realise that they are learning.  The children’s favourite feature though is our funny and impatient rabbit and the quirky things he does within the game.

What skills were you hoping to help the end user to develop?
We’ve started with maths and english but got lots of requests to focus just on multiplication which is why we then launched Doodle Learning Times Tables, we have further plans to release apps that help with language skills and one for younger children too.

What age range would this app most suit?
Initially it was aimed at 7-9 year olds but we’ve received over whelming feedback that lots of other age groups are enjoying it too. Younger (4+ can play easier levels) and older (we have a 92 year old gran who’s written to say it keeps her brain sharp!).

Are any new updates coming soon?iPad Screenshot 3
We’ve just released an update to the Maths app, taking on feedback from our first set of customers.  We simplified the instructions screens, provided information for parents and made it possible to disable the countdown timer, especially for younger children.  We release new stickers and backgrounds all the time as well.

How much does your app cost and if not free why should we pay?
Doodle Learning Math and English are $3.99 and for a limited time Doodle Learning Times Tables is 50% off at only $0.99 – we put a lot of hard work into the apps with each one having at least 350 mini games – we do not believe in either 3rd Party Advertising or In-App Purchases and to make sure the quality of the content was high by working with teachers from several schools.  We’re a small independent app developer and so we’re hoping sales from this app will help us to keep building even better apps for kids.

What other apps have you developed and whats in the pipeline?
We’re working on a version for younger children called “Junior” with a lot of different game styles such as listen and learn and question and answer type games.  We’re also experimenting right now with new apps to help you learn languages.

Description:iPad Screenshot 4

* Over 400 times table matching games up to 12 times tables
* A sneaky and very impatient bunny who will make you laugh and is always keen to play games with you
* Beautiful backgrounds and the ability to load more from your own photos
* No in-app purchases or 3rd party advertising

A fun drawing and educational matching game for all ages to help children learn their times table. Kids will have fun creating beautiful pictures with our amazing backgrounds and stickers with fun sound effects and then you’ll be challenged by our sneaky bunny to matching quizzes.

Key Features: 
* Really easy to use interface for kids
* Drawing and coloring pencils to add to your picture
* Save pictures to your photo library or share using email
* No in-app purchases or third-party advertising


Specifications:iPad Screenshot 5

Category: Numeracy
Released: March 14, 2013
Version: 1.0.1
Language: English
Requirements:  Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.


Website: Doodle Learning
Facebook Page: Doodle Learning
Twitter: @doodlelearning
App: Doodle Learning Times Tables
Cost: 99c for a limited time



We have a Rafflecopter giveaway until March 28, 2013

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