Reading Raven Vol 2 HD

Reading Raven Vol 2 HD

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Reading Raven Volume 2 HD continues the Reading Raven series of superbly engaging learn-to-read games with new step-by-step activities that help young children build a solid foundation for reading. Your child is ready to move on to Volume 2, if he or she can read or sound out simple words that follow the consonant-vowel-consonant pattern like sad, wet, dip, cob, and hum.

✔ Self-paced lessons advance from reading single words to reading small stories.
✔ Ten types of child-tested games/activities that teach essential sub-skills.
✔ Fully customizable by age or reading level.
✔ Speed and tolerance dynamically adapt to child’s motor-control ability.
✔ Sticker rewards that reinforce effort and engagement.
✔ Feedback that encourages; no pressure tactics.
✔ Extremely effective voice instructions and feedback.
✔ Guided freehand letter and word writing.
✔ Capability to pause and save progress at any time.
✔ Beautiful hand-illustrated artwork.
✔ No third party advertising or external links to social network sites.

With the Reading Raven companion guiding them, children go on delightful fun-filled adventures where they encounter pterodactyls feeding their young, robot-assembly factories, glow-in-the-dark worms, balloon-popping whales, camera-friendly meerkats, flying fish, and much more!

Reading Raven includes the following progression of self-paced educational activities:

Ages 3 and Up
– Letter matching
– Letter tracing
– Letter recognition
– Word matching

Ages 4 and Up
– Vocabulary
– Word beginnings
– Word building (spelling)
– Word spotting

Ages 5 and Up
– Reading aloud using voice recording
– Word tracing
– Word groups (rhyming and beginning sounds)

Reading Raven presents five extensive lessons, with hundreds of individual activities in total. Parents and teachers will find the multi-sensory learning games to be a great complement to traditional classroom and home-based reading instruction.

Recommended Ages: 3-7
Categories: Reading, Phonics, Letters, Spelling, Writing, Vocabulary, Early Learning, Special Needs

Build your children’s reading skills and confidence with Reading Raven and watch their learning take flight!

Happy Reading Adventures!


Category: Literacy
Updated: April 4, 2013
Version: 1.0
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.


Website: Reading Raven
Facebook Page: Reading Raven
Twitter: @readingraven
You Tube: Reading Raven
App: Reading Raven Vol 2 HD
Cost: $3.99


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