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Haza Farkh 

Do You know what the word “Farkh” means in Arabic? Well, does your chid know? In this Application , your child will be able to know the exact  meaning of the word through an exciting journey in the farm, the garden and the Zoo. Your child will get to know the cubs of the animals and their names through the games and fun songs and at the end will be able to solve the riddles and games. Parents will also be sharing the fun with children as well by reading them the amazing stories in “Iqraa’ly” or the kids may learn to read on their own form “aqra’ bnfsy”


We have a Rafflecopter giveaway  until March 1, 2013


Haya Bena

Studies have shown that the best learning method is interacting with the subject, so here is “Haya Benna” Application, it has many games that develop the Arabic language for you children. It’s full of fun interaction and accurate sound effects for every action. It’s designed using a clear distinctive voice from professionals


We have a Rafflecopter giveaway  until March 1, 2013


Tafaddal Ma’ai

There are animals, birds and fish , and each  of them eat different food. But which eats what? Let your children share the journey of Hassan in the jungle to know the differences between the animals and know about Carnivores and Herbivores . Afterwards your kid will be able to solve all the riddles and games of the App.


We have a Rafflecopter giveaway until March 1, 2013


Shapes game

One of the most important things that develop children’s intelligence is the recognizing of the shapes. In the Shapes Application, your child will know all about the geometrical shapes names and specifications. This app provides information directly and also through games and puzzles that tests the kids’ knowledge of the information and shapes.


We have a Rafflecopter giveaway until March 1, 2013


Ahlan Wasahlan

Humans home is called House, but there are different names for homes of other creatures as well. But does your child knows them? In Ahlan Wasahlan, The Bee will take your kids in a fun adventure through all the homes of the animals in the jungle and end up in the Bee’s house.Your children will then be able to know all about animals’ homes and will easily solve the riddles and puzzles of the App.Parents can also have fun some fun with their kids in the app. You can share the fun by using “Iqraa’ly” feature  to read with your kids.


We have a Rafflecopter giveaway until March 1, 2013



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