Storypanda Books – Read, Create, Share Kids Stories


Storypanda Books – Read, Create, Share Kids Stories

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Developer: Storypanda Enterprises Inc.

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1.     What made you decide to develop this app?

We noticed that there was a huge gap between what media companies were providing and what children wanted. Everywhere we looked we saw this passive consumption of media and entertainment yet we could see kids desiring a way to participate and interact with the media they were consuming. That is what led us to found Storypanda with the goal of helping kids become content creators not just content consumers. With Storypanda Books we aim to reinvent the storytelling process and design the most creatively engaging reading experience for the iPad.

2.     What makes you different from all the other reading apps out there?

Storypanda Books is much more than just a reading app, it is a full interactive experience. Together, kids and parents can read stories as well as create their own versions of the stories. By tapping, swiping and dragging you can change the characters, background and text. Animations and sounds supplement the experience that turns little readers into little authors.

3.     Can you talk a bit more about how the app is meant for both kids and parents?iPad Screenshot 2

Storytelling is a special experience shared between parents and children. We wanted to make sure this shared aspect was prominent in our app. Turn taking and teamwork are a big part of the experience because parents and kids can create, solve and learn together through the interactive elements. This connects families in very important ways at a very important time in children’s lives.

4.     How does the sharing component work?

After kids create their own versions of the stories parents can share out their child’s creation with friends and family. Each book can be shared to the web and posted to Facebook and Twitter as well as emailed.

5. What skills were you hoping to help the end user to develop? (eg fine motor, reasoning, education – maths, reading, social)?

We look at the whole child when we design a book experience. Reading usually hits on the cognitive level for kids but we want to also appeal to the creative by allowing kids to customize the books they read. We also designed the app to be social so kids and parents can read together and share with friends and family.

6. What are some of the books you have available currently on your app?iPad Screenshot 3

The Adventures of Anna and Dad is a free book about a little girl’s wild imagination as she finds her way home from school with her Dad. Another great title is Yawn Chairs, about a band of super hero chairs that spring into action to help out the families they live with. Our most recent release is Waller’s Wild West, which is a re-imagining of the classic Tortoise and the Hare story that we all loved growing up.

6.     What can we expect to see from Storypanda in the future?

Everyday we are getting more and more authors and illustrators interested in publishing through Storypanda Books. Within the next few months we will be releasing a new book every week so that parents and children have a constant flow of high quality, educational and unique stories.

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Category: Books
Updated: 23 January, 2013
Version: 1.3.1
Language: English
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.


Facebook Page:
Twitter: @Storypanda
App: Storypanda Books – Read, Create, Share Kids Stories
Cost: Free
In App Purchase:

  1. Paul The Imaginary $2.99
  2. My extraordinary friend $2.99
  3. Little Buddy Character Pack A $0.99


2 thoughts on “Storypanda Books – Read, Create, Share Kids Stories

  1. Maybe a few months down the track. If you would like more information about the developer and their new books, click on this link – – and sign up for StoryPanda’s updates, you will keep upto date with their latest releases. They have just released the brilliant book by Todd Parr as an App for the iPad – It’s okay to be Different. You will find more details on their website. I hope this help answer your question

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