Miscellaneous state information

About EnableNSW

A major independent review of NSW Health’s largest disability support service was undertaken in 2006.

The review recommended that a single, statewide service be created with the aim of significantly improving equipment support services for people with a disability in NSW, including:

  • reduced waiting times
  • fairer access no matter where you live
  • greater efficiency and integration of services
  • improvements in customer service
  • better support for clinical prescribers
  • on-time payments to suppliers

EnableNSW was established in 2007 to implement the major reforms based on recommendations made in the PricewaterhouseCoopers “Review of the Program of Appliances for Disabled People (PADP)” that were supported by NSW Government.

The EnableNSW team is based in Parramatta in Western Sydney. Our Service Centre officers receive thorough, ongoing training to ensure they can provide the highest standard of service.


Rebates for Energy Usage

Family energy rebate  (Family Tax A or B) + application by 31/3/2013 = $75 p.a – fill in application

Low Income Household Rebate  (requires health care card/ pension card in name of parent and electricity account in name of parent = $215 p.a) for both this and above = $250 p.a. – contact supplier

Medical energy rebate  people who have an inability to self-regulate body temperature when exposed to extremes (hot or cold) of environmental temperatures

Life Support rebate  suitable for CPAP and enteral feeding machines (eg Kangaroo pump)



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