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Press & Dress Priscilla Play

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Press & Dress Priscilla Play is an interactive book that takes your child through a day with Priscilla. As Priscilla changes activities, she needs to change her outfits. Simply touch the right piece of clothing and Priscilla is ready for her next activity. There are also hidden surprises for your child to discover along the way, by touching objects in the picture the story comes to life. 


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  • Released: 08 November 2012
  • Version: 1.0

Appy Chat:

When did you decide to develop this app?
I was looking for a better way of publishing my children’s books and came across Demibooks on the internet. It looked like something that would be a perfect match for one of my children’s books called Priscilla Play. Originally, Priscilla Play was a wooden doll I created.  It was a dress up wooden doll with attaching pieces of clothing. The outfits attached with velcro strips. I scroll sawed the doll and pieces myself but it wasn’t cost effective. Years later I wrote a book called Priscilla Play to go along with the doll. I was hoping that I could find a more cost effective way to manufacture the doll but I didn’t have the means to compete against today’s market. So, when I saw it was possible through Demibooks to make and interactive book I felt it was something I had to try and develop.
When did you first release this app?photo 12
The app was released on November 8, 2012.
How long did it take you to develop this app?
Since I already had the main concept of the story it was just a matter of learning how to use gimp (similar to photo shop) and Demibooks app. It took about four months start to finish.
What is your favorite feature?
I love how the child is able to dress Priscilla for whatever activity she needs to do. I also like how the child has the ability to see Priscilla in that activity.  With the use of touch screen, the child can experience the story with Priscilla.
What is your favorite page in the app?
That is a hard question because I tried so hard to make every page special. If I had to pick one it would probably be the cover page. I was so excited to have a new start for this book and the beginning of anything is always filled with such great possibilities. It reminds me how much you can accomplish with this in mind.
What skills were you hoping to help the end user to develop?
Press & Dress Priscilla Play is done in rhyme because I feel a rhyming story best holds the child’s attention giving them more out of the story. Because this book is interactive it cues the child to pick the right piece of clothing and when the right piece is chosen the child is rewarded with a word of encouragement from Priscilla. There are also messages in the story that the child can experience through Priscilla. Such as, before Priscilla crosses the street she has to wait patiently with her grandparents holding their hand. Also, when it is time to leave her friend the story lets the child know that even though playtime is over she will see her friend again. It teaches the child that there is school time, playtime, time to spend with family and bedtimes. This is all done through encouraging words from the narrator and Priscilla. At the end of the story Priscilla thanks your child for their help.
What age range would this app most suit?
I think the best ages would be girls 4-6 but I have found that boys as well as girls enjoyed getting Priscilla dressed for her activities. I have visited over 100 preschools and elementary schools in my area and have had a very positive response from children as well as teachers. Priscilla Play and Doll have also been used in speech therapy classes as well as in some special needs classes.
Are any new updates coming soon?
Not as yet, but I am hoping to expand the concept to include a boy main character as well as more stories with Priscilla.

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This book app from Stories to Learn is a interactive book with all hand drawn illustrations where you help dress Priscilla starting in the morning, dressing her through her activities through the day until bed at night.  I particularly love the part about changing out of her school uniform when she gets home.
I like how you have to touch the page before it is read to you so you have time to discuss the page before and after. There is even a message about waiting to cross the road.  Just lovely.  The beautiful text which rhymes is of  benefit in Literacy.  Also included in this book is comprehension for your child, they need to listen carefully (and it can be repeated), follow the instructions with errorless learning, is just perfect.  Beautifully read in a clear voice.


If you are looking for an app to help your daughter understand the importance for changing clothes and clothes for different occasion,
this is a beautiful, gentle app explaining it.


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