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Fat Shadow – Interactive Book App for Kids 

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Developer: Antonio Scarpetta / Fat Shadow


This is the story of Reginald, a little boy like any other but not like many others. Reginald has a gift: he’s ever so good at making Chinese shadows with his hands: dogs, cats, camels, and even elephants. All his friends have a great time watching him. But one day…

Fun sound effects, bouncing and movable objects, and hidden objects on every page add to the enjoyment of this twenty-page story book. Musical tunes can be turned off or replayed, and children can listen to the story.
Experience the adventure in this super Fat Shadow App!


– Interactive pages: watch animations unfold and tap mysterious hot spots for surprises.

– A charming story.


– Learn to make shadow puppets watching Reginald’s hand movements

– Read along with the professional narrator.

– Lively interactions on every page.

– Fun sound effects.

– Customize your experience: audio mode can be turned on and off.

– Musical tunes can be turned on and off.

– Jump easily to your favourite page or activity using the visual index.

– Drag objects and help Reginald in his adventures.

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Scarpetta & Lauria Production are kids apps developer, based in the inspiring city of Salerno, Italy. We combine tech, education, art & culture into fun digital interactive books, which are dedicated to kids.

We believe kids need inspirations to grow the dreams, we passionately create quality apps that may enlighten them. We hope our apps can bring a memorable experience both for kids and parents. Check out their apps and see why they can sparkle children’s mood.

Enzo Lauria:
 Story, illustration and animation. Has written and illustrated other books for children and comics including “Fat Shadow” for iPad, He worked for Disney Italy and has made ​​numerous comics for the French market. He is a professor of illustration at the Institute of Art Filiberto Menna Salerno Italy.

Antonio Scarpetta: 
Animation and App Authoring. He is animator 2D/3D has made numerous  animations in medicine to children and he’s a professor of character animation at the Institute of Art Filiberto Menna Salerno Italy.


Fat Shadow is in “30 Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Kids from October 2012”. Appsplayground.com 

“An interactive and fantastical introduction to hand-shadows combines with a lesson on obesity”. Kirkus Review.

“Fat Shadow is the latest book-app for kids that stood out on the App Store for us, thanks to its illustration style and creative features.”Appsplayground.com

Overall, this is a delightful new storybook that will enthrall young readers with the idea of ‘losing your shadow’ …something my little boy said was funny but then added, nervously, “That can’t REALLY happen, can it, mommy?” Fat Shadow is top notch for originality and nicely crafted use of the tablet medium.” Digital-storytime.com 


Category: Books

Released: 9 October, 2012

Language: English

Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.



1.         When did you decide to develop this app?

Enzo and I (Antonio) have worked together in animated short and through this we realised we were meant to work together – it was so much fun.  So we decided to make a children’s book with a traditional style, art and culture, but combine it with the new technology.  We thought that “Fat Shadow” would be even nicer to see animated on the iPad! We started Scarpetta & Lauria Production, based in the inspiring city of Salerno, Italy. We combine tech, education, art & culture into fun digital interactive books, which are dedicated to kids. 
We believe kids need inspirations to grow their dreams, so we passionately create quality apps that may enlighten them. We hope our apps can bring a memorable experience both for kids and parents.

In our opinion, however, the most important thing about a book is the story, it is also the strong point for our book. We started with an original story, we love to make up stories, and from there then everything was born.

2.         When did you first release this app?

Our interactive book “Fat Shadow” was born October 8, 2012.

3.         How long did it take you to develop this app?

Enzo came to me with the story.  We could see it coming ‘alive’?  I then showed Enzo the characters and animations. Next came inventing the storyboard and various games for each page … We finished in 6 months.

4.         What is your favourite page in the app?


Well, it’s hard to pick. We worked hard on several pages and those that we liked most by my own little girl Geneva, and the beautiful children of Enzo: Paul and Roberta are the page of  “Stains Disappear”, the animated pages full of bugs, but above all, the shadows of the page where Reginald showcases his talents.

In addition, we wanted to give some puzzles for our younger readers, with a different levels of difficulty, so everyone can play.

5.         What skills were you hoping to help the end user to develop or learn?

Thanks for this question. The main character of Fat Shadow is “Reginald” who is a child that likes to eat a lot, especially sweets and liquorice slices. How many children today prefer sweets instead of healthy food, such as our Mediterranean cuisine? All of them prefer sweet, even my daughter! Reginald is an obese child, and is mocked by his friends. Today’s children will stare,because you’re a little ‘different’ and you may be teased without even know why. Even the shadow of Reginald is tired of staying with a obese child. And if, Reginald, gave up eating his licorice? What would happen? Fat Shadow finds a solution of obesity and bullying, showing the courage of a child who wants to find peace and joy.

6.         What age range would this app most suit?


Fat Shadow is marked 4+, but believe that it is for children aged 2-3 years and over. The book can be read by a beautiful female voice, like a mother reading to her child. In addition, this function can be turned off in order to play with the book or read it as many times as you want.

7.         Are any new updates coming soon?

Yes, in December there will be a small update.

8.         For the future, what do you do?

Given the success of Fat Shadow, remember that it is the best App for kids on October 2012, we are planning an even more beautiful story and lovely characters, but the design has evolved becoming even more beautiful, is called “Ivan-www. ”

Thanks for the interview.

If your child likes a story a bit different and with some humor, lots to think about, grab this app book



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