JustKidsApps Bundle


JustKidsApps Bundle


Developer: JustKidsApps

Adventures of One Sock – My Pal Rodger

If you’re thinking about introducing a pet into your family, want to understand a little more about what it’s like to have autism, or just want to enjoy with your kids a sweet story about a boy, his toy and a new pet dog, then this book app is for you.

Grimm’s Frog King

Enjoy Grimm’s Frog King both in the traditional version of the Grimm’s folktale as well as in a version that is… well, not so traditional. Narrated by professional young voice actors this version will make you and your children croak with laughter!

Heidi on the Alp

Heidi on the Alp is the first of three apps that tell Heidi’s story. We are introduced to the six year-old little girl when her aunt Dete, who has taken a job in Frankfurt and cannot take her niece with her, is leaving Heidi with her stern and reclusive Grandfather. The old man is quickly won over by his delightful granddaughter who also befriends the village goatherd, Peter, and spends the summer helping him tend the goats. When winter arrives, Heidi meets Peter’s mother and blind Grandmother who also learn to love the little girl in no time. An idyllic year has gone by when, unannounced, Dete returns with the intention of taking Heidi back with her to Frankfurt.

Heidi in Frankfurt

Heidi in Frankfurt is the second of three apps that tell Heidi’s story. She has been brought to Frankfurt by her Aunt Dete to be a companion of Klara, a wheelchair-bound girl whose mother died many years ago and whose father travels often on business. The two girls quickly become dear friends, despite the scorn heaped upon Heidi by the housekeeper, Miss Rottenmeier. Klara and her family love the warmth and laughter that the little Swiss girl has brought into their home but Heidi is increasingly unhappy in the city and yearns to go home…

Heidi and Klara

Heidi and Klara is the last of three apps that tell Heidi’s story. Heidi has returned home and been reunited with her beloved Grandfather. She starts to attend school in the village and after some coercing, is finally joined there by a very reluctant Peter. Klara comes to visit Heidi for the summer as her doctor is convinced that spending time with her friend in the alps will be good for Klara’s health. The two girls spend a wonderful few weeks together but then Peter, in a fit of jealousy, destroys Klara’s wheelchair. Klara is so much stronger after her time in the mountains however that, with Heidi and Peter’s help, she is able to stand up and take a few steps. Is it possible that she might walk again?

The Adventures of Bobik Bombastinov

Bobik is a child’s red felt bear, somewhat crudely sewn together and sporting a little bell around his neck which tinkles when tapped. This ebook is Bobik’s story, narrated by the child who loves him. She introduces us to Bobik as the last direct descendant of Tsar Bombastinov, shows us something of his happy life as commander of Kiev and then his shocking banishment by the evil wizard Pustinov. At this point Bobik’s adventures begin in earnest as he journeys across the world trying to find suitable employment.


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