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Doctor Cat is a colorful edugame for the youngest (2-4 years), where you play as Tom – a cute cat equipped with a medical bag, who sets off to help other animals with their health problems. Your task is to decide which medicine will help to cure the poor animals.

Nobody likes being sick – we know that – going to the doctor is also hardly comparable to a carousel ride. Kids often feel that way too. We designed our newest app bearing exactly that in mind: we’ve turned going to the doctor into an adventure!

HIGHLIGHTSiPad Screenshot 2
* beautiful, colorful graphics,
* six animals to cure, each with three medicines to choose from
* additional animations with sounds on every scene to improve the interaction
* a map helping to organize the mission
* original soundtrack
* rhymed intro and outro of the game read by a narrator
* expressive animal animations organized into separate sets:
+ for when the animal is sad
+ when you apply the wrong medicine
+ when you suggest the right one
+ when the animal is happy afterwards!

CONTENTSiPad Screenshot 3
* three scenes of interactive intro
* two scenes of interactive outro

* map leading to six animal scenes:
+ Bunny (a scratch -> band-aid)
+ Hedgehog (fever -> pills)
+ Deer (runny nose -> nose drops)
+ Owl (broken wing -> bandage)
+ Frog (sore throat -> syrup)
+ Doggie (belly issue -> herbal medicine)
* additional information in “for parents” and “instructions” section

ABOUTiPad Screenshot 4
We believe that iPad is a great tool to stimulate kids: that’s why we’re creating our apps basing on Maria Chesley Fisk’s fantastic book on children development Teach Your Kids to Think ( For Doctor Cat we’ve put special emphasis on the analytical skill (the other three are: creative, social-emotional and practical) – that basically means that our main educational goal is to help our kids to improve their logical reasoning. They will use is as the cement while constructing their models of how our world works.

TIPSiPad Screenshot 5
In the menu you can tap the title “Doctor Cat” to go to map and start curing the animals straightaway or the green bookmark “story” to see the introduction first. From the map you can also go back and see the introduction by tapping the cat.

Inside the game the red arrows move you to succeeding scenes. Left arrow on the first introductory scene and right arrow on the last outro scene lead you to the map. To return to the menu tap the return arrow on the map.

You cure the animals by choosing the correct medicine from the cloud-like menu at the top of every animal scene. In total you will have syrup, band-aid, nose drops, pills, bandage and herbal medicine to choose from. The animals will let you know if they agree with your choices (and likewise if they disagree)!
While on the map, tap the doctor to see how the story ends!

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Category: Game
Updated: Dec 19, 2012
Version: 1.1
Language: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Appy Chat:

From a more scientific perspective, Doctor Cat is about feelings. The goal is to cure six sick animals (without any restrictions here, kids can take care of the animals in any order they want and return to the same animal whenever they feel like it) by deciding which medicine is right – they sympathize with the animals and feel the need to help them  – they learn empathy. Our secondary goal was to improve kids’ logical thinking.



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