Paul The Imaginary


Paul The Imaginary



Developer: Storypanda


**Top 10 Educational Products, alongside LeapPad and Rosetta Stone – Mashable
**A well executed learning and storytelling environment – Wired, GeekDad Approved



Paul The Imaginary is a story about treating all friends equally, even if they are imaginary. Kids will learn the value of sharing and friendship. The main hero, Spencer, learns a valuable lesson about including all his friends in fun activities.

**Read: A full interactive experience with animations and sounds
**Create: Swap in new characters and change the text to create a whole new story.
**Share: Brag about your creation by posting to Facebook and Twitter or send to friends on email

With Storypanda Books, turn reading into a creative, educational, family experience. Read highly illustrated fun picture books with animations, interactivity, and sounds. Create your own version of the children’s story as an activity. Share the book out to friends, family and other children to enjoy. Family members can read the fun story anywhere: the iPad, the web, Facebook. iPhone coming soon to help your kids read and create on iPhones and iPads!

“Reading kids books on the iPad is not only fun but a creative activity.”
“My child loves the classic tales and the iPad picture books for kids.”
“As a teacher I can teach reading and inspire the kids I have in my classroom.”
“The story possibilities are endless with so many new fun books and stories to create with.”
“I care about education and want my kids to have fun while they learn to read.”
“The iPad is perfect for Storypanda bedtime reading and activities.”
“I can create a book for my four grand children to read over and over again.”

Kids discover new authors and illustrators with stories that provide multiple choose-your-own adventure paths. Children can tap, swipe, and touch to change characters, backgrounds, and more. This is the future for how kids will learn to read top children’s stories and picture books.

What I enjoyed most about this app:

The creative writing that you can help foster with your child at such a young age will be invaluable to them for their entire education.

You Tube:



Category: Book
Released: March 28, 2013
Version: 1.0
Language: English
Requirements:  Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.



Website: Storypanda
Facebook Page: Storypanda
Twitter: @Storypanda
Pinterest: Storypanda
You Tube: Storypanda TV
App: Paul The Imaginary
Cost: $2.99


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